Lead Mentor
Ms. Guderyon Margaret Guderyon – General Mentor whose job is to coordinate all aspects of travel, building use, orders, and team members.

“Mr. Budish was desperate for a mentor and talked me in to it. I do think it is important for students to be excited about Math, Science and Technology. FRC and FIRST provide that outlet. Robotics is the only place for robot domination! I hope that team will become more self-sufficient as designers as well as in the rest of the aspects of FRC. I also hope that students become better leaders and communicators in the world of science.”

Ms. G. is the 2010 WI Regional Woodie Flowers Award recipient.

Support Mentors
Tony Tobin Tony Tobin – Helps guide the students in the mechanical principles.

“There seemed to be need for more mentors to help with the mechanical aspects of building a robot. I like working with mechanical things, and felt that helping mentor the team would be a great way to get involved. I enjoy working with the students and watching them learn and apply new skills. I also enjoy working with the other mentors. I think FIRST Robotics is an outstanding organization which I’m proud to be a part of.”

Jim Stugelmeyer Jim Stugelmeyer – Helps guide the students in the mechanical principles as well as helping with electrical.

“I have always found robotics fascinating, and when my son showed an interest in the program at school, I thought this a perfect time to get involved. I hope to bring my experience with mechanical and electrical assembly as well as time in the machine shop to the program and be of assistance. I also enjoy working with the kids, helping them learn to use a new machine and figure out how to solve problems.”

kathy Adam Kathy Adam – Helps guide the students in the fundraising, community events and awareness.

“My son was a member of the team last year and I went to all of the competitions. I was a classroom volunteer during my sons’ grade school years and missed being involved in the school. After seeing the energy, ingenuity, and enthusiasm at least year’s competitions, I was eager to find a way to participate. I am working with the students on the marketing team that are writing the business plan (the team’s first ever). What surprises me the most is that all students on the team have the opportunity to contribute what they know and learn new skills, and that they develop solid friendships, have fun, and are able to generate enthusiasm for science, technology, and innovation. “

Cindy Strommen Cindy Strommen – Helped guide the students in the fundraising community events, awareness and team spirit.

“I have a passion for science and community involvement, but the most important reason I;m here is to be involved in my son’s activities. Robotics is very unique in the sense that it teaches students much more than how to build a robot – they are learning valuable business skills, teamwork, community involvement, and leadership skills. I hope this team will have fun! Learn from others, work as a team, and learn the value of giving back to the community.”

Kevin Klein Kevin Klein – Helps the team with the programming.

“As a software professional and business owner, I know how important, talented, and qualified STEM professionals are to the success of our enterprise. I serve as a mentor for FIRST Robotics as a way to “pay it forward” and inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. It also happens to be a fun and challenging way to apply my skills in ways I wouldn’t normally encounter in the workplace.”

beotrcher Seth Boettcher – Teacher Mentor.

“My name is Seth Boettcher!”

Student Alumni Mentor
Josh Hansen Josh Hansen – Helps with safety and marketing teams.

“I was a student on Saber Robotics during it’s first year and was heavily involved throughout high school. After I graduated high school, I helped out the team as I could in college in sort of an alumni-mentor role. Then when I graduated college, I was able to rejoin the team as a full time mentor. Although I focus most of my energy towards the Business team, I also help out with Scouting, Safety, and Robot Strategy. I can proudly say that this team changed my life and I am honored to help give the kids the same opportunities I had.”

Mark Fischbach Mark Fischbach – Helps the team with the programming.

“I was a student on the team during the team’s first years at Franklin High School am proud to say that being a part of FIRST Robotics was a major influence on my decision to pursue a career in engineering. The program is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn both technical skills, such as programming, and soft skills such as leadership and teamwork. I hope to pass the same inspiration that convinced me to pursue engineering down to current and future students on the team and see them go on to do great work in STEM careers. As a graduate of MSOE’s Computer Engineering program and current software engineer it’s impressive to see the students on the team learning and using the skills, technologies, and practices that engineers use every day. In my role as a mentor it’s been great getting to know the students and see how much interest and talent they have in STEM fields already. FIRST Robotics is some of the most challenging fun I’ve had and I’m excited to give back as a mentor.”

James Tobin James Tobin – Supervisor and Solid Modeling (Inventor). General Mentor

“Former Student who doesn’t complain as much as Josh”

Tyler Bundies Tyler Bundies – Helping in electrical.

“As an alumni of team 2506, I am so excited to get the opportunity to give back to F.I.R.S.T. Robotics. Just one season on a F.I.R.S.T. team is enough to give you a lifelong passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. My dream is to help pass this passion down to the next generation of bright young minds. Just like my mentors before me, I hope I can help prepare these students for an exciting future in the American workforce. Though the six week season they have before them is long and grueling, the knowledge and experience they gain will better prepare them then any activity of their high school career.”