We want to thank all of our 2017 Sponsors!

Platinum Level Sponsors


“Ladish Co. Foundation was formed through a donation by the Ladish family, former owners of the company that is now ATI Ladish. The foundation exists solely to make charitable contributions. They are a platinum level sponsor and we are grateful for their generous contribution.”

Underwriters Laboratories

“As a global company with more than 120 years of expertise, UL works with customers and stakeholders to help them navigate market complexity. UL brings clarity and empowers trust to support the responsible design, production, marketing and purchase of the goods, solutions, and innovations of today and tomorrow. We connect people to safer, more secure, more sustainable products, services, experiences and environments – enabling smarter choices and better lives.”

Gold Level Sponsors


“At Rockwell Automation, helping manufacturers succeed and grow is what we do best — with industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give our customers a competitive advantage. From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, our solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments.”

Department Of Public Instruction

“The Department of Public Instruction is the state agency that advances public education and libraries in Wisconsin. Our goal is to ensure every child graduates ready for further education and the workplace.”

Franklin Public School

“At the Franklin Public School District, students are the center of everything we do! With the support of our school community, the dedication of our school staff and the assistance of many volunteers, we continue to demonstrate excellence in student learning and achievement at all levels. To find out more about us, we encourage you to explore our website, attend our student performances, events and competitions, or visit one of our schools.”

Silver Level Sponsors

Twelve Consulting Group

“The top notch consultants at Twelve Consulting Group use the latest technologies to help solve business analysis issues our customers have been wrestling with for years…analysis takes too long to put together, you can’t rely on the data, there are versions upon versions floating around emails and network folders, there’s too much data to manage in Excel…I could go on and on. Twelve, partnered with Anaplan, can change the way you look at your business.”

GE Volunteers

“The team at GE Healthcare Financial Services combines in-depth industry experience with certainty of execution to deliver a full range of financing products to a wide variety of healthcare providers.

Our financial experts are committed to helping you grow — whether you are looking for additional capital for your equipment, expansions, acquisitions or other business needs. We will use our world-renown financial expertise to help you solve your complex business challenges — large and small.”

Specialty Underwriter

“Utilizing over 30 years of actuarial data, equipment maintenance management experience and engineering resources, SU Group has provided equipment maintenance management solutions to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, governmental bodies, financial institutions, corporations and various high technology industries.

Our solutions help organizations reduce the cost of maintaining equipment while improving equipment performance and uptime! In most cases, SU Group will provide a guaranteed budget which is significantly less than their current expenditures. Accomplishing this may include renegotiating or transitioning away from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ISO (Independent Service Organization) Service Contracts, helping to build an in-house service department or administrating a self-insured program, all while overseeing your equipment service.”

Waterstone Bank

“During its long history, WaterStone has established strong ties to its communities and is committed to promoting community growth and development. The bank supports a variety of local programs but special consideration is given to programs that promote education, children’s and women’s causes, veteran’s initiatives and community development.”

“Our company name, “Celera,” is derived from the Latin word celeritas, whose literal translations include rapidity, swiftness and speed. There are suggestions within the scientific community, that the velocity factor in Einstein’s world-changing physics formula “E=mc2”, was rooted in the same Latin word, celeritas, or in the French derivation of it, “celerity” used to describe promptness, briskness and immediacy. Combined with our company logo, which depicts a stylized image of the fleet- of- foot mythical Greek Olympian god Hermes, with his winged hat and one eye riveted on the future, our entire Celera organization takes pride in our ability to respond quickly and collaboratively to meet the needs of our clients. We work hard to remain informed; continually looking for ways to provide our clients new and innovative business solutions, being vigilant to opportunities created in the dynamic and rapidly changing financial services arenas.”

Bronze Level Sponsors



We’d like to thank our sponsors for their contributions to the team and for their support.

Each of our sponsors has played a major role in our success as an FRC team. Their donations have ranged from monetary contributions to specific equipment such as tools and laptops, which are extremely appreciated by the team. Monetary donations are used to cover expenses for registration, transportation, and materials for the construction of the robot.

For more information about sponsoring Saber Robotics please contact us at saberrobotics@gmail.com


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